Product Quality

We're quality obsessed...

We are proud that we offer 100% Testing of Ingredients of Ingredients and Products.

When you opt to purchase Functional Sobriety supplements, you can be confident in our unwavering commitment to delivering the highest standards in dietary supplement manufacturing. Our supplement manufacturer maintains the most stringent quality control measures. When you receive a shipment from Functional Sobriety, rest assured that the contents precisely match what is stated on the label.

Our manufacturing partners meticulously test 100% of the ingredients used in our supplements. Each formulation and finished product undergoes a comprehensive assessment before being dispatched to our valued customers, ensuring purity, potency, and stability. Each ingredient we have carefully selected is independently verified by our manufacturing partners, confirming that every batch aligns with our specific requirements. This verification is conducted by independent third-party laboratories, which rigorously test both raw materials and finished product potency. These affiliated laboratories hold ISO-17025 accreditation and undergo regular audits, guaranteeing accurate results and adherence to the appropriate testing methods.